We love the core values that built the Cardano ecosystem. That philosophy is why Bloom works within the network every day. We believe that all humans should have access to reliable, trustless transaction and banking systems, voting systems, proof of identification systems, along with any other tools that have been or may be created within this beautiful network. Cardano is the foundational resource required to forge an entirely new and improved economic structure.

Simply, what is a Bloom Pool?
We are a cryptocurrency bank and transaction processor, just like Visa or Mastercard. We validate and process transactions on the Cardano blockchain. With each transaction Bloom processes, we collect a fee; these fees are then split with our delegates who stake their ADA with Bloom.

Our Core Team

Michael Lesser



In addition to our founders, Bloom enjoys having a diverse, geographically distributed team. We are always looking for new team members and partnerships.

Please email: info@bloompool.io