At Bloom, we are committed to providing top-quality ADA staking services to all of our delegates. We practice continual improvement to maximize pool efficiency in block-producing capability and transaction processing, allowing us to offer competitive returns to our delegates while maintaining the most secure, reliable, distributed network of nodes.

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Owning ADA

Cardano is a blockchain platform designed and built by Charles Hoskinson and his talented team at formally IOHK, now IOG. Cardano and the supported native cryptocurrency ADA are designed to be secure, scalable, and robust enough to support foundational change.

Storing ADA

Daedalus is a desktop, full-node hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet for ADA cryptocurrency. Easy installation with one-click setup of bundled Cardano node. Within Daedalus, you can stake your ADA in a Bloom Pool without the funds ever leaving your wallet. Always remaining in control of your funds the way it should be.

Staking ADA

Pioneers, ambassadors, and enthusiasts are what make up Bloom. Stake pool operation is our passion with our roots starting in the incentivized test net -2019. We are committed to providing top-quality staking services and high returns to all of our delegates for many years to come 

Staking with Bloom

We operate only the most reliable server nodes to ensure optimal efficiency in transaction processing and block production. Our goal is to maximize ROS or return on stake for our delegates while achieving the most consistent network uptime.

Incentivise to stake

Staking with Bloom is simple.
With just a few clicks in your Cardano wallet, you can access one of our many pools.
Once you are staking within the pool, your payouts are automatically sent directly to your wallet every epoch (5 days).
You will never have to worry about maintenance, operations, or updates. Bloom can handle all that.
The best part about staking? Your ADA never leaves your wallet, and you will always remain in control of your funds.

How does an ADA staking pool work?

 A stake pool is a reliable server node that focuses on maintenance and holds the combined stake of various stakeholders in a single entity. Stake pools are responsible for processing transactions, producing new blocks and are at the core of Ouroboros, the Cardano proof-of-stake protocol.” Source

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In addition to our founders, Bloom enjoys having a diverse, geographically distributed team. We are always looking for new team members and partnerships.

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